Energy Savings at Terra Spirits

Energy Savings at Terra Spirits

Terra Spirits & Liqueurs, Bailieboro in Co. Cavan, is Ireland’s largest family-owned producer of Irish Cream Liqueurs, which it exports to over 60 markets worldwide.

Terra is also the winner of the Small to Medium Business Award at the SEAI Energy Awards 2020.

The Project

Terra’s programme of sustainability began many years ago and it had made minor investments into sustainability projects such as increasing insulation retrofits and LED lighting. However, it has made the greatest progress and investment in the past 18 months to 2 years through capital investments.

The team identified a number of key areas to lower its carbon footprint and cost base, including:

  • Air-to-water heat pump technology to generate hot water
  • Solar PV generation for the site’s electrical demand

This led to a 25% reduction in their energy demand and a 30% reduction in oil demand, which is about 26,000 bulk litres.

These sustainability initiatives have also delivered solid commercial benefits to the business. Terra’s management team has long recognised the benefits that derive from reducing a company’s environmental impact whilst delivering cost reduction, quality improvement and overall customer appreciation.

What’s next?

Terra is committed to further optimising its operation and expects to gain long-term pay backs from some of its initiatives.

For example, doubling the Solar PV farm means it could set a target of producing 40% of the site’s annual electrical demand, doubling its CO2 savings annually to in excess of 80,000 kg CO2.  The heat recovery and wastewater systems have greatly reduced unnecessary waste, therefore reducing costs and will have an approximate 10-year pay back.

These efforts are not only delivering huge benefits in terms of cost savings but also to the environment.

• 0.5m litres of water waste reduced p.a.
• 80% reduction in NOx
• €15,000 savings p.a. from heat pump system

Key Achievements
• Switched from oil to BioLPG gas Delivered 132,000kg CO2 savings of carbon and 80% reduction of Nox
• Doubled existing Solar PV farm to 340 KwH (approx 1,100 panels) in 2020
• 15% of normal weekly electrical demand on heat pumps is saved due to Solar PV integration
• 25% reduction in Terra’s energy demand overall

We’re delighted to have won the SME category. It’s a great recognition of all the hard work we’ve put into it over the last number of years.

Shaun McKevitt

Terra Spirits & Liqueurs