Hatched Analytics, LEO Green for Business

Hatched Analytics, LEO Green for Business

Key takeouts

Hatched Analytics, an alternative data company based out of Dublin, worked with their Local Enterprise Office in the early stages of growing their business from an idea into a company. After seeing the help their LEO could provide with the hiring process, Hatched Analytics worked to develop their green journey. The Green Grant enabled them to enlist an environmental expert who was able to take them through the impact of each process of their business. They were able to build a carbon footprint calculator which they aim to utilize to offset their emissions in the future.

Hatched Analytics

It’s been a challenging few years for small businesses and those challenges will continue. That is why any business should be looking to make themselves more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable for now and the future. The figures speak for themselves on the impact these supports can have.

John Magee

Chair of the Network of Local Enterprise Offices